What exactly is an AristoVascio?

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The Vascio is the most distinctive residential building in Naples; it is the stage where Eduardo De Filippo’s inflexible looks, Totò’s irony, Serrao’s ink and Gianbattista Basile’s fairy imagination(he gives the name to the street where it’s placed one of the AristoVasci) have chosen to model. The vascio nest of poverty and authenticity , is also a meeting place that extends to the ends of many Naples’ alleys, where the interior mere with the outside because the door is always open and the community became soon a family. In this geographic range , in an eternal present, we gothrough the talk of the "Commare" , the hanging clothes , the tangy smell of the sauce and the cries of street urchins who confuse the street with the stadium .

The AristoVascio is a paradoxical neologism that states for explanation “the best Vascio” where the refined elegance is combined with its truthfulness and removes from the architectural object all the structural problems bringing it out in all its qualities. Aristos doesn t only state the bucolic lush environment where there is the building, nor only express the care for every detail in the furniture and conservation of wide spaces, buti t is more than this, it is the best one and the most original residential experience that Naples could offer. Goethe declared “Let’s see Naples and then die”, but we believe more in A-J Strutt’s words:” “Let’s see Naples and live, because there is so much here and it s worthy to be lived”.

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