Appartamento Toto

Vascio Totò

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Appartamento Peppino

Vascio Peppino

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Appartamento Malafemmina

Vascio Malafemmina

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Appartamento Eduardo

Vascio Eduardo

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      The AristoVasci are born in the bucolic background of a napolitan patio. The entrance to this urban vegetation takes place through magnificent wrought-iron doors that bring to the discovery of the three luxurious rez-de chaussèe flats. The building is made up of the Vasci Totò, Peppino, Eduardo and La Malafemmena that have recently been restored; they have separated entrances and every one is provided with two matrimonial rooms and two extra very comfortable beds.

RAFFAELE MUSTO CF. MSTRFL47P09F839X VIA CARDINALE GUGLIELMO SANFELICE 33 - 80134 NAPOLI +39 331 3357686 - +39 338 7528262