The AristoVascio in Naples

Here the sound of the sea and the force of the wind echo together in the Vesuvius’ belly that enlights and burns the city. Here the rosy glare of the sunrise grabs the dark face of the narrow streets to hope in another disconcerting sunset. Here the Neapolitan language becomes Romance one dissembling itself in the turns of a vocal maze that spreads its own paths in the siren Parthenope’s virginal song Here the salt of the dough claims justice for the lack of a sweet coffee, suspended and faulty,until its chestnut brown grains don t slide into the alcoholic touches of the pulped citrus fruits from Sorrento. Here and just here this vascio that is not a vascio could be born: "the AristoVascio".


      The AristoVascio rises in a strategic place, in the center of the city, and it s perfect both for tourist vacations and for work travels;it has a perfect position between the sea and the biggest historical center in Europe.

      Let us bring you, after a revitalizing rest in the AristoVascio,to the disclosure of Naples you don t expect.

      They are placed near the port; from Molo Beverello you can quickly reach: Capri, Procida, Ischia, Sorrento and Positano, a place on the cliff face over the sea, known for its romantic dresses. You can also board from Molo Beverello to reach Eolie islands, Sardegna and Sicily.
All the transports are near to the AristoVascio:

  •       The Cumana will bring you in the most mysterious part of the city where you will be able to visit The Serapide’s temple, the old Puteoli, Cuma with The Sibilla’s cave, The netherworld lake “Averno”, Lucrino lake and the numerous watering places, Solfatara volcano, the submerged city and the monumental Castle in Baia.
  •       The Underground, architectural jewel, awarded with the title of Best Underground Station in Europe, the whole city.
  •       The Vesuviana will let you arrive at Pompei and Ercolano to visit the archeological excavations, choose to climb The Vesuvio or reach Sorrento that is famous for its citrus fruits and its beautiful sea.
  •       The central Funicolare in Toledo street, will allow you to reach the highest part of the city until to San Martino’s Castle with a breath-taking view that will let you astonished.

      Let’s take a walk in the pedestrian arterial road Via Roma full of boutique and traditional atelier and you will arrive at the amazing Piazza del Plebiscito where you will find The San Carlo theater and the Royal Palace.

      You could rent a bike and quickly enter into the biggest historical center in Europe, with the beautiful Piazza del Gesù, the literary Piazza Bellini, the marvelous historical complex of Santa Chiara,The San Domenico Maggiore Church and the historical Universities that create a young and trembling atmosphere in the whole area.

      You can t be uninteresting to the uniqueness of the old arterial road Spaccanapoli that divided in two parts the ancient city,to the Prince San Severo Chapel with the Veiled Christ, to the Naples Undergound and the eighteenth-century Farmacia degli Incurabili. These attractions are all in proximity of the AristoVascio

      If you want to enjoy the sea and have a tasty pizza, you can start walking and in few minutes you will arrive at the seafront, where you will have a wide choice of restaurants and pizzerias. You will be enchanted by the engaging panorama and the breath-taking views, The Vesuvio, Capri and The Egg Castle,the goddess Parthenope’s dwelling.


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